My Ultimate Favourite Films


Today's post has been a longggg time coming but it's finally here, woooo! Now, don't be fooled by the photo because those aren't actually my favourite films, you'll just have to keep reading to see what they are. But if you're anything like me then you're always looking for a new film to watch and I just so happen to be a huge film lover. I get so engrossed in films and I'm one of those who is always rambling on about the editing, cinematography and soundtracks. I appreciate everything from the way it's filmed to the scripts and of course the acting. And despite this post being harder to write than I anticipated, I do have my top 10 ultimate favourite films for you guys today. So, grab yo self a cuppa because this will be a long'un! Note: They're not in order, that would have been way too difficult!

Girl, Interrupted (1999)

One of my best friends introduced me to this film a few years ago now and I instantly knew I'd love it because we have such similar tastes when it comes to films. Starring Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie and Directed by James Mangold, the film is based on the true story of Susanna Kaysen who is a young woman who finds herself in a women's mental institution set in the late 1960's. I was fascinated by this film from the moment it started. It just has this "vibe" about it that I love. It's definitely difficult to watch at times so I'd recommend researching more on the trigger warnings before watching but it gives you a little insight on what it was like back in the 60's and how mental health was viewed by those who have perhaps never experienced it. I completely and utterly adore the soundtrack in this film and generally it's one of the most under appreciated films ever made.

The Intern (2015)

I only watched this film for the first time last year and it really pulled on my heartstrings. It's not a romance but I found it so unbelievably moving and it's inevitable that I'm going to love anything that Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro are in. This film is about a hugely successful business woman who owns an online fashion website. The company hire senior interns and due to hating the boredom that comes along with retirement, 70 year old widower Ben decides he's got nothing to lose and goes for the job. I think the reason why I love this film so much is because it truly highlights the differences between our generation and the one before us. Anne and Robert's characters form such a beautiful yet completely unexpected friendship and that's what I find so heartwarming about it. It's such a cosy, funny and feel good kinda film that everyone has just got to watch at some point. 

The Sound of Music (1965) 

I'm convinced that I've been watching this film since I started walking and talking. This one never gets old and it's one that my whole family enjoy watching together. There is something just so comforting and familiar about this film and even growing up I found myself in awe of the soundtrack, costumes and characters. Despite the fact that I probably didn't fully understand the whole plot growing up, I've always felt so sentimental about this film and even at the age of 18 I'll often find myself singing along to the well known and loved songs that bring back so many memories for me. 

Hidden Figures (2016) 

I felt every single emotion under the sun during the time that I watched this film. The story is about a team of female African-American mathematicians who served a crucial role in NASA during the early years of the U.S Space Program. They serve as the brains behind one of the greatest and significant operations in history - the launch of the astronaut John Glenn. It's set in the 60's and is full of kick ass moments which at the time that it was set were simply extraordinary. I felt as though I learned so so so much and I felt so happy that the females behind the success of something so significant were getting the chance to tell the story from their perspective as opposed to through the eyes of the men. It's such an eye opening film and these extraordinary women made their mark in history. I just think we can all be inspired by this film. I have so much love. 

The Theory of Everything (2014) 

This film is one of the most moving films I have ever seen in my life. I found endless inspiration in this film and I felt as though I learned so, so much. The Theory of Everything starts in the 1960's and follows the story of the brilliant genius that is Stephen Hawking who is played by the utterly talented and charming Eddie Redmayne. The film captures Steven discovering that he has a motor neuron disease at the age of 21 and from then he begins an ambitious study of time, of which he himself has very little left according to his doctor. Stephen is one of the most celebrated physicists of our time and it's one of those films that truly will have you smiling and crying from start to end. 

La La Land (2017)

It doesn't matter what kind of mood I'm in, the second I hear a song from the soundtrack I instantly feel so much better. I utterly adore this film like most people and I definitely wasn't put off by the ending, in fact, it's one of the reasons why I love it so much. Films that can pull off an unpredictable ending that actually make sense are always a winner in my eyes (hence why I'm not the biggest fan of the typical romance films). I found myself identifying with Mia from the very beginning and I think that's why her character is so likable throughout the film. The cinematography is an absolute dream and the soundtrack is, well, absolutely perfect. My top favourites have got to be someone in the crowd, audition (the fools who dream) and city of stars but it's a close call that's for sure. I'll admit when I first saw the trailer for this one I was so hesitant about whether I'd like it but I was completely blown away and I've already lost count over how many times I've seen it. 

Eddie The Eagle (2016)

I didn't really know anything about this film only that my Grandad had nobody to go and see it with him at the time it came out so I decided to go with him. I mean, how bad could this film be? Well, well, well. The emotions in this film hit me like a tonne of bricks, my goodness. Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman are phenomenal actors and their chemistry was faultless. This film tells the roller coaster story of Eddie Edwards, a British skier who competed in the Winter Olympics and truthfully I didn't know much about him before seeing this but I was just blown away by his determination and inability to give up his dream. It's a truly moving film and I've discovered that I simply can't watch this film without crying my eyes out. The cinematography and soundtrack is stunning and I absolutely adore the 80's vibe and how realistic it is. Definitely one of the most under appreciated films out there.

The Greatest Showman (2017)

After seeing this film three times in the cinema since it came out just two months ago, how could it not make my top ten list. I'm just mesmerized by everything that this film offers. It stars Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron and Zendaya to name just a few of the phenomenal actors and it's inspired by the wonderful imagination of P.T Barnum. It's an original musical which celebrates the birth of show business and presenting everyone as equals despite differences that society have deemed as inappropriate. It truly is a celebration of humanity and the message behind the film is something which I strongly love and admire. The soundtrack is exceptional, wow. It really is a work of art and it's rare that I discover a soundtrack where I genuinely love every single song. 

Harry Potter (2001-2011)

I'm constantly changing my mind about which film out of the series is my favourite and so it's only fair to include the film series as a whole, I hope that's not me cheating my way out of it too much. There isn't much to say here because the majority of people have watched and fallen in love with Harry Potter just like I did when I was much younger. I read the books and it was always inevitable that the films would never be as good, but having said that, the Harry Potter films are a work of art. I always feel beyond overwhelmed watching the films. The sense of nostalgia is something I find so much joy and comfort in and I'll never tire of talking about the endless reasons why I'll forever be grateful that they exist. 

The Imitation Game (2011)

Now this one is my ultimate favourite film of all time and has been ever since it was released which will come as absolutely no surprise to those of you who know me or follow my social media. I saw this film in the cinema when it came out in 2014 and instantly fell in love with it. In fact, I can remember getting goosebumps when I saw the trailer and I just knew that this film was going to be something very special. Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightly, Matthew Goode, Allen Leech, Mark Strong, Charles Dance, Alex Lawther. I mean, the cast says it all. I adore each of the actors so much individually that when I saw that they were all going to be in this film I just knew that I had to see it. The plot focuses on the true story of the legendary crypt analyst Alan Turing and the British intelligence agency on their journey to breaking Enigma in Bletchly Park during the second world war. I have watched this film endless times and there hasn't been a single time where I haven't cried or experienced goosebumps and I'm shocked at how little I knew about this story until I saw the film. The acting, script, cinematography, editing and soundtrack cannot be praised enough. I am utterly and completely in love with everything about this film and I can't see a day where it won't be my favourite film of all time. 

And breatheeee. There we have it. My ultimate top ten favourite films of all time. You can probably see that I'm a sucker for films based on true stories. How could you not be though?? They make me cry uncontrollably every single time! The bottom half of the list definitely varies depending on what kinda mood I'm in but nothing has seemed to budge The Imitation Game from my top spot as of yet. 

Anyway, I'll love you and leave you. Remember to keep your eyes peeled for a new post coming soon where I'll be talking about the importance of self care.

Lots of Love,
Meg X

A Whole Lotta Lovin'


Bonjour my beautiful readers! Whether you love it or hate it, it's that time of the year once again where there is a lotta love in the air. Even though I do think that Valentine's Day is just another money making scheme, I also think it's a great opportunity to show the people in your life that you're closest to just how much they mean to you - whether they're a partner, friend or family member. So, today I'm talking Valentines and all the reasons why as I've gotten older I'm actually starting to appreciate it a little more.

Growing up I never really thought too much about this particular day. I never expected to receive anything *cries* and it was just one of those days that everyone made a huge deal out of, and still do. Every single year, Valentine's Day somehow gets bigger and bigger and there are roses in every single shop you go into. It's pretty hard to avoid it. But whether it's because I'm a bit older or because I'm actually a romantic at heart OR because I'm simply too sentimental for my own good, I'm learning to love this day that everybody seems to dread. 

Since this day is about the lurvvv, I now see this as an opportunity to tell those in my life how much they mean to me. My friends and family are everything to me and it's so important to appreciate them and everything they do because I'm definitely guilty of taking them for granted. So I thought it would be fun in this blog post to write a little something to the people that I love and am very grateful for. So much cheeeseeee, I love it. 

To my friends

You know who you are and hopefully you're reading this but I'd be so screwed without you guys. You've put up with me for so long and unfortunately for you I'm not going anywhere so you'd better get used to it! I adore you all more than anything in this world and every single day I count myself the luckiest person alive to have friends like you in my life. Thank you for the shoulder to cry on, the laughs, memories and adventures that we've still got to come. You keep me grounded, you take care of me when I'm waiting for the storm to pass and you've always got my back regardless of what might be going on in your life. In other words, you're all my saviours and thank you doesn't even begin to cover it. I don't tell you this as often as I should but I love you all endlessly and I promise I'll be there for you until we're old, grey and reminiscing about the good ol' days. I'm so proud of who you have all become and if anyone ever asks me what my greatest achievement is in this life, I'll only have to look back at the day we all met to know. 

To my family

I doubt any of you will ever read this but it goes without saying that you're always there for me. From the moment I was born, you've always been there, picking up the pieces after me. I very rarely express my love and gratitude for the things that you continue to do using words, but I hope that my actions and choices reflect the type of person you've raised because she's striving to make you proud every single day. Most people don't count the love they have for their family on Valentine's Day, but you were my first love, my unconditional love throughout my life and you'll always be apart of me, even when we fight and say things we don't mean, I know I would have lost my way a long time ago without you. I understand now as I get older about the sacrifices you've made for me over the years and so to my family, thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything. 

To my girlfriend 

You may not have been in my life as long as others, but if there is one thing that I know it's that love isn't measured by time. Our love is measured by laughter, the way you constantly support me, the way you take my hand and the way you radiate happiness wherever you go. Your thoughtfulness and kindness inspires me every single day and I'm beyond lucky to have found you. I think it's safe to say that I didn't expect someone like you to come into my life at this point and I certainly didn't expect to fall for you so quickly, but I did. The way you put everyone else before yourself just goes to show how incredible you are and I'm proud of you beyond words. I can't wait to see where this journey takes us. Thank you for putting up with my odd sense of humour, my complaining and how I make you smell every single candle in every shop we've ever been it. But most of all, thank you for loving me. 

So, whether you're all about that self love and you treated yourself to a long overdue pamper session or you had a special date planned, I hope you all had a wonderful day because everyone deserves to smile. This is your little reminder to tell those around you how much you appreciate them because we often forget just how important those people are.

I'll see you all next Tuesday for another post so keep your eyes peeled for that one! 

Lots of Love,
Meg X

Pancake Lovin'


Oooooh pancake day, how I love you. I haven't got the biggest sweet tooth but there is something about pancakes which I bloody love. Seriously, why can't this be a monthly thing as opposed to an annual?!?! You've guessed it, today I'm talking all things pancakes and my absolute favourite toppings because we've all had an endless debate over which toppings are the best, amirightttt?? 

I don't care what anyone says but pancakes are the absolute best and each year I love trying out new toppings and flavours. Yep, I take this day v v V seriously. I'm always disappointed that I wasn't born a month earlier so I could have the perfect excuse to have pancakes on my birthday but hey ho. 

Classic Lemon n Sugar

My absolute go to is the most basic but oh the MOST delicious and that's a good ol' squeeze of lemon and sprinkle of sugar. You literally cannot go wrong with this and yep it's basic but it's also the best so it's a win win for me. I'm not a huge fan of citrus flavours or scents but when it comes to baking of any kind I'm always looking for an excuse to throw lemon in there somewhere so you can understand why this is my fave topping. Yum yum yum.

All the berries 

If you'd have asked me when I was 10 years old what I wanted on my pancakes, this option would have been at the very bottom of my list. In fact, I'm pretty sure that I had a tantrum one year because we only had berries in the fridge to have on our pancakes. But I bloody love fruit, especially this time of year. And I always feel less guilty for throwing loads of colourful and delicious berries on my dessert instead of cream so again it's another win win, kind of. Blueberries and raspberries are my absolute faves but any kind of fruit is yummy, especially with a dollop of yogurt or even syrup. This one is definitely underrated so definitely give it a go!

Chocolate Overload

Like I mentioned earlier, I definitely don't have a sweet tooth and I always find most desserts or treats way too sickly but that's the beauty of pancakes. It's so fun and easy to mix and match different toppings and even adding a small amount of nutella can be sososo yummy and it goes so well with banana and strawberries. Plus, we only get pancake day once a year so why the heck not??? Go wildddd.

And there we have it. I hope you all enjoy pancake day and to those who don't enjoy them or take any notice of this day, I hope y'all have a wonderful day anyway. 

I'll see you Thursday with another blog post where I'll be talking all things Valentine's Day! Ooooo I can smell the cheese already...

Lots of Love,
Meg X

Why Keeping A Journal Is No Longer A Chore


I'm almost positive that most people at some point in their life have tried to keep a diary or journal and failed. We get to the New Year and we vow to keep a diary and write in it every single day for the next 365 days knowing full well that we'll forget all about it by March. Yup, I've been there. But late last year I stumbled across a journal that caught my eye and so I asked for it as a Christmas present and it wasn't long before I became obsessed with it. I genuinely look forward to using it and that's because it's not your typical "dear diary" kind of journal which if I'm completely honest I find can be way too much effort to write in most days, especially when nothing much happens. So, I wanted to show you the journal which has completely transformed the way that I feel about them and why I'm now that person who secretly loves keeping one. 

I don't think you can purchase this anymore but I discovered it on the Next website because they actually have some pretty decent things on there around the festive period. Firstly, it's so aesthetically pleasing and I'm in love with the pastel theme. On the first few pages there is room for you to create a bucket list and I've actually chosen to write my New Year's Resolutions there so that I don't forget what I'd like to achieve this year. Throughout the journal there are some beautiful and motivating quotes which adds a lovely touch to it and they can really make a difference depending on what kind of a day you're having. 

But what caught my attention and the main reason why I really wanted to give this journal a chance is the layout of it. Instead of staring at blank pages which is what really puts me off keeping a diary, you answer questions (the same questions) every single day. So instead of boring yourself to death with the events from that day, I just find it SO much easier to answer the questions in order to keep track. The questions as you can see from the photo below include things like writing how you felt and what the weather was like using emojis which is always fun, and writing 3 things that went well, things that didn't go so well and things you want to improve on tomorrow. And honestly, I find this so enjoyable and therapeutic to use. Even if there are days where nothing exciting happens, I always try to write as much as I can because when I look back I can remember the days that most of us forget. I also use this journal to keep track of my mental health which I've found really useful even if it is difficult to write about my bad days at the time, I know I'll thank myself when I eventually look back and reflect on the year as I'll have a better understanding of what might be making my mental health better or worse etc. 

Journals are definitely not for everyone, but if you're anything like me then you love reflecting on what went well, what didn't go so great and then focusing on how you can make tomorrow a better day. We're only in February and yes there is every chance that I could get bored of this in a few months but I'm actually thoroughly enjoying it and I can't wait to look back on everything that happened, both the good and the bad, at the end of the year. I know in 5 years time I'll appreciate things like this so much, even if it can seem meaningless at the time. You only have to follow my social media accounts to know that I love documenting anything remotely interesting that happens in my life and I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. But I have fallen in love with keeping a journal and I never thought I'd say that so this really is something worth writing a blog post about.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this one and I'll be back again on Saturday with another post.

Lots of Love,
Meg X

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